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heya 😀 welcome to my site, I’m Daya and hope you find something nice , interesting or worthy and since you’re here let me tell you I really appreciate you a lot

[email protected] is my email address so feel free to send me an email if you want 😉

Actually I want to be more responsible and learn Portuguese. I’m planning to create these alternative pages when I have learnt new languages: fr.curl.pink and pt.curl.pink.  Notice the URL of this website -en.curl.pink- and indeed es.curl.pink exists!!! I will write more English Posts, don’t worry.

This is my second year of college, I’m studying for environmental engineering  and  I consider myself as polifacetic, “illogically logic”,  some days i just write silly stuff and so, maybe that day I’m   feeling blue, inspired and even I talk about very deep and important issues.  Maybe I’m gonna  involve myself a lot with my homework and talk lots of it xD

Sometimes I’m unpredictable  and unstable ╥﹏╥

I love Eze (


I love anime and so you can see them on the left:

My MBTI is:

Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

My profile to fight against the Malaria is about a project to reduce the Malaria, I promise to make a post about it.

But in overall it’s so easy, just intall Boinc and this software will lead you how to give your free CPU time to help to find new ways of helping the Scientific Work. It really is so admirable this kind of project!!!



I love Linux and not care about Windows. I love the Linux Desktop Environments:


Das System:


I recommend you the game of  Long Live The Queen, its a bit hard


This video tells a lot of how I feel:

Lots of Love!! 😀

See u