Love vs Mind

I always thought that love was not needed in the life, even when I faced a frustrated love I used to said: “If love is optional, then my pain is also optional”. That is true even though my attitude says that I can’t live without love.

I wouldn’t say that my feelings were repressed, but rather dissociated. Psychologist said that we don’t need someone special to be happy. This way of thinking is coherent and I believe that can’t be defeated with logic. But is similar to claim that food doesn’t need salt.

Life has beautiful things for you, and love is the most beautiful.

When we talk about love, we also have to talk about sex, at first glance love would be something optional, but is not the same for sex. As sex is an essencial need.

Sex with love is beautiful, that is the greatest difference with animals. Sex with someone you love is more meaningful than with other person.

I strongly believe that many people concludes that something important is missing in their lives when they are only enjoying the sex and missing the love.

I read a post about a Nobel prize winner, she is writing about the love, and I really loved the article, you should read it.

Finally, the latest reflection from my toot.

What is the reason that logic can kill the love?

The explanation I think it’s in the metaphysics. The love destroy the form, and the thoughts create the form. Love is Life, and a thought is the limits or the end of a reality. However! For living something has to die first, and for killing, something has to be alive first. So Descartes was wrong. I live, therefore I think and so I die.

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